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Originally Posted by EM240 View Post
Does anyone know how to pair a used Bluetooth remote with the MPE (already installed)? Just bought a lightly used M2 (unbelievable spec!) and bought a remote off someone on here and my local dealer was kind of clueless when I first asked about pairing it. I haven’t taken delivery yet as still waiting on title but very interested in getting my ducks in a row.
I’ve read you can reset ECU in trunk with a pen but not exactly sure how to pair
See here (MPE Pairing thread: see here):
Originally Posted by Dirtboy View Post
I lost connection to mine and from what I read online you have to press and hold the remote button for 15-20 seconds while holding it right next to the module in the trunk. Do this while the module is on. Worked for me.
Originally Posted by cookiesowns View Post
Hold down the button for about 10-15 seconds close to the controller box in the trunk.
Should re-pair right up
Originally Posted by cookiesowns View Post
Try this:
Replace the battery first on the bluetooth controller
While the switch is off in the trunk, hold down the remote for roughly 5 seconds, continue holding it then flip the switch on in the trunk. after 5 seconds release the button...
Then: double press the remote and see what happens
And in case you did the 'MPE hack' (permanently open or closed valves: see here): no re-pairing required after plugging the grey plug back into the MPE module.
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