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Compare to other engines, the N55 engine runs at a pretty high oil temperature, about 115°C (240°F). Most cars I have driven run at 90°C, even after hard driving, they won't exceed 95°C.

If I use Sport mode the car would lower its temperature to 90°C, but the transmission shifts late in automatic mode or I have to use paddle shifters, they are not something I want during my commute.

I probably shouldn't be concerned about the high oil temperature since the car is designer that way, but is there a way to enable better cooling while shifting the car at a relatively normal rpm?
240F seems quite hot, especially for a daily commute scenario.
I've noticed mine usually stays around 210F in daily driving situations or even at the track.

The only time I saw the oil temp creep up to 240F was while playing at the skid pad mostly in first and second gear.