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Build cars for enthusiast, not the mainstream. Leave that to Honda, and Toyota. If you want all the electronic gizmos, by a apple watch, or iPad. If you need a car to park or drive itself, you shouldn't be driving. If you need a car to shake, when you go outside your lane, you shouldn't be driving. If your to lazy to use a knob for your radio, AC, etc, and prefer gesture control, you shouldn't be driving. Why spend over $40,000 for a base model, 4 cylinder engine, with numb steering, no spare tire, fake exhaust note,( Comes through the speaker system ), runflats that are expensive to replace, noisey, bad tread wear, ( give us a spare tire ), I could go on. BMW, bring back the " Ultimate Driving Machine," and simplify the automobile. BMW's of today don't appeal to me. That's why I'm holding on to my E90. Love the way it drives, and no, it's not the perfect car. However, the steering, and driving dynamics, I love. And by the way, keep the "M " badge for M vehicle.

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