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M5 with RWD ttV8 dogbox 5 seats and some cheap vents and an aux cable stereo would be cool and make people excited and hyping up the brand.
Sure, everyone who can't afford that car will be super-excited about buying one for $10k after 10 years, but no one who can actually afford it new will buy it.

Basically the car people will move on to a Caterham style small company making a cool sports car and BMW will age poorly like Chanel or Cadillac. The shareholders will squeeze every dime they can from the brand and it will go away and something new will replace it and the whole thing will start over.
You overestimate how many "car people" there actually are for BMW (or any mid-size to large manufacturer) to care. The Alpine A110, which by all accounts is a fantastic driver's car, has sales of about 2,000 last year across the whole of Europe. In good months, BMW will sell more 3 series than that in a week in Europe.

That's the bottom line. They're not cool. They're not the car to have anymore. They're a gross amalgamation of gimmicks and cheap chassis and transmissions trying to be everything for every customer at the same time. They've damaged the brand.
I don't think being cool matters. Mercedes has never been "cool" or "sporty" yet they have better sales than BMW.
In the US Mercedes and BMW have a prestige that people want to have by owning the brand. If simply making a nice car at a high price point was enough Cadillac wouldn't be in the sales slump it is in.

Cadillac is for old people. Cadillac is basically a reverse engineered bmw line up at this point, and they're pretty good and a better price, very reliable.

Yet nobody in NYC or California will touch Cadillac. They literally sent out pictures of millenials with man buns to show dealers the type of customers they want to get in Cadillacs.

By contrast BMW and Mercedes are cool. For now.