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Originally Posted by gfisher99 View Post
Ah man, that's a shame. I am not optimistic that the dealer will get anywhere with the shipper since there's no way to prove they did it. All the circumstantial evidence is there (they had the car for SIX days for a 1200 mile journey, gave me shady progress information that changed every time I asked, very fresh over-spray everywhere [even though the car was detailed by the seller prior to shipping]) but without someone admitting they did it, I feel I am up a creek and will have to get it fixed on my dime. The shipper also scraped all 4 exhaust tips when they backed it off the truck in front of my house. I wish I had my video running when they did that - there'd be no way to deny that one.

Hopefully you guys find that noise and hopefully mine doesn't come back. The dealer didn't tell me if they had removed any suspension components during the cleanup that may have been the actual fix. Have you tried all 4 'fixes' in the SIB that I referenced? I have the PDF of it if you need it.
Can take the delivery company to small claims court. I think it'll be easy to convince a judge they damaged the exhaust tips just by explaining to the judge what happened and how scraps like that occur and the fact that you witnessed it happen... For the bumper, if you don't have before pictures showing no damage, I would argue that the dealer sold you an accident free vehicle and this one was clearly repaired.

And yea, would be great if you could send me the pdf. I tried googling the numbers you have but returned nothing.
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