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Originally Posted by gfisher99 View Post
In case anyone comes across this in the future, the knocking noise I had in my suspension was caused by a bunch of mud/debris in the front suspension spring purches. When the car was shipped from NC, it was apparently offloaded at a hub depot and driven thru some mud. The mud was all over the black 763M wheels and there was a good amount up in the fender wells.

The dealer I bought the car from in NC (BMW of Southpoint) was nice enough to pay the $150 bill I got from my local dealer to clean up the suspension. I didn't even ask them to pay it.

Now just waiting for the selling dealer to work with the shipper to get my front bumper re-sprayed (by a place of my choosing). For some reason, the shipper re-sprayed my front bumper and it looks like it was the person's first time painting. Multiple paint runs and over-spray EVERYWHERE. It seems as though the shipper damaged the bumper and tried to re-spray it themselves without telling me - like I wouldn't notice.
Damn, was reading through hoping you'd find a different solution to the creaking. A few of us have it after changing to aftermarket springs/shocks and can't pinpoint what's causing it.

And sorry about your bumper. I had my dealer, who is apparently a certified bmw collision repair center, repair my car after an accident and it had a bunch of runs as well as splotchyness. They fixed the runs but not the splotchyness. After almost 6 months in the shop and a ton of arguing, I was too tired to keep complaining.

Best of luck to you and your new car.
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