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Private Party Sales Tax in AZ

Originally Posted by DagM2C View Post
Maybe you guys can answer this question for me

I just moved to arizona not too long ago but have yet to buy any private party auto transactions.

From what I've read if I buy a used car through a private seller I don't have to pay any sales tax on it as long as they registered it and paid sales tax on it already?

Is that just within Arizona? or can I buy a car from a private person in say Georgia or California and as long as it has already been registered and taxes paid when I bring it over to Arizona and go to register it the only additional fee's I need to pay are property tax to tag it?

As long as you buy private party in any state, you will not owe sales tax when going to the MVD in AZ to register the car and put title in your name.

I just purchased an M2 in NY from a private seller and am having it shipped to me. Even with shipping across the country it is still less than half the cost of the $2,700 or so in sales tax (AZ calls "Use Tax") I would have owed buying from a dealer. (Vehicle Use Tax Calculator: ) This link is very helpful for determining your out of pocket registration cost when going to register the car as there is a fee formula that is determined based off the original MSRP.