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Originally Posted by Pray for Mojo View Post
We have the same issue with fuel quality in Western Canada, I'm convinced it's a combination of regulations and the slate of heavy crude that refiners run in our provinces/states. The AKI system seems to be rigged by refiners juicing RON over MON and still achieving the same AKI rating. We have 94 here that won't run the OTS 91 maps, it behaves similar to your ACN91. I ended up running 1/4 can of Boostane Professional in each tank to get clean timing and avoid knock. Not sure if you could get away with it there since it's technically not for road use.
Have you pulled your plugs to check if you get the orange residue from boostane? That's what I don't want to have all over my powertrain. There used to be a well known bimmerpost member "teh boost" with a Cali tuned M2 who chased good timings and used boostane. His plugs, downpipe, exhaust were all coated with orange gunk