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Originally Posted by GreyF87 View Post
was well kept G when it was always home, but when it turned into my daily work car.....lotsa stuff was attracted to it..... disheartening. Still runs great only thing major was tires and a compressor belt.

STILL love the G.

How does the BMW dealership here on the Islands react to bolt on mods??? I bought stuff but just have not had time to put it on.....yet....maybe after my 1200 mile run in.
let me know.
Grey, Just took my car in for annual service, oil change (drive only about 4,500 miles a year). Fabspeed sport cat on and some coding stuff (asd delete). No comment or issues from service dept.

But they recommended $550, fuel system/injector cleaning, plus $209 tire alignment. Recommended service intervals by BMW at 6,000 miles I politely refused.