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Originally Posted by dcaron9999 View Post
I did a more modest track based BMW Canada hosted event about 10 years ago. I then looked into more affordable track driving options.

No mean to troll but although the BMW M HPDE events seem like a blast for those with the means, here is another option:

I highly recommend doing a bit of research into finding reputable HPDE clubs (we call these Lapping Clubs in Quebec, Canada), where volunteer instructors will assist you. These schools or clubs are based on enthusiasts that sit with you as passengers, and coach you. This includes tips on your driving and meaningful modifications to your car. You get to use your own personal car. You need to be prepared for faster than normal wear on tires, brake pads, and fuel consumption. There will be a very small member subscription fee, and track time fee to add to the expenses. On average, these come out to a few hundred dollars for a full day of silly fun. Sometimes fees are less where these event occur on evenings during the week.

Full disclosure: was a participant in these club events for two years, then became an instructor, and now an organizer and instructor for a couple of these clubs in my area.

If you use your common sense, you dont overdrive, and you dont go crazy with modifications especially during your first season, these can be a blast, and is a more affordable option than BMW hosted events with their own fleet of cars. Furthermore, HPDE or Lapping days are a great learning experience to add to your skill set, applicable to your daily driving, in your own car.

As an instructor, I have seen all kinds of participants. Some become hooked, some show up to try out their car once or twice, never to return. Reason being either or: the added wear and tear on their vehicles, limited budget and other priorities, mis-behaved drivers sharing the track, etc. This is why it's so critical that you do your research, and find a reputable and safe track driving club.

Hope this offers another perspective to some ... Did not intend on ticking anyone off ... Just socializing another cheaper alternative to high performance driving events.
I love HPDE events, and have been to many. But each time you go, you'll need track insurance. You'll also burn through a set of tires and brakes, brake fluid, and the fuel you go through is obscene. The prices equal out in the end if you compare both 1 day events.
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