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Originally Posted by TRACK M4STER View Post
Are you kidding?! I'm a lifelong car guy and I cannot tell C, E, S-class apart. Mercedes-Benz followed the Audi school of design by leaving the copy machine on.

I will give them credit for sleeker designs which translates into a more contemporary feel which is a departure from the boxy/chiseled designs for the past 10 years.

But, for the most part there is NO IDENTITY to each model. And it's reflected in S-Class owner's frustrations that their $100K+ ride is mistaken for an entry level C-Class. Google it.
That is as always, and the same with BMW and the 3,5,7 series.

However, Mercedes have a much better looking range of vehicles now since Habib left them than they have for the previous 10-15 years. Whereas I'd say BMW have stood still at best on the design front. Not that BMW are bad, just that all they've done is finesse trinkety things like grille size, rather than really move and evolve the design language.

The Merc saloons may not be all that exciting but the AMG-GT is very smart looking, and completely modern and distinctive. Some are dogs, like the GLE, but the GLC knocks the 3 out of the park.

What I give Mercedes credit for is giving their cars a really consistent family premium look, both inside and out, even if they're not to my particular tastes.
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