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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
You bet. The less confusion (no pun intended, really!) there is about the HK for you lucky M2 owners, the better, 'cause the heavens know we F22/F23 owners have been frustrated by it!

Either one of those solutions will work great if paired with a good aftermarket amp. I'd personally opt for the AudioControl unit unless I was sparing no expense with other upgrades. If ASD is retained, it'll still be necessary to use an amp with individual-channel gain control to keep ASD volume low. The far better option is to either code it out (OK) or use the other harness TechnicPnP makes: the ASD removal one. See this thread for a discussion on its benefits vs. coding.

As for amps themselves: The Bimmertech solution here, which incorporates a Match PP82DSP amp with built-in DSP, has been used by some. A popular choice that doesn't include DSP is the JL Audio XD600/6v2. Other possibilities include the Alpine PDX series and those from several higher-end makers (AudioControl, Zapco, Audison, others).
Cool, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I have planned (not purchased!) JL amps (HD) and a single 12" sub (either w6 or w7) and Focal speakers (model number escapes me atm). So it would be a very nice setup. I have the TechnicPnP harness already.