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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
The HU is separate from the amp (it's technically part of the iDrive system), so all functions should work.

That said, both the DSP and the ASD are in the amp module/assembly. By swapping out the amp, you lose the DSP but don't gain any additional tone or output controls beyond what the HU (Bass/Treble/Balance/Fader) or your replacement amp provide. The tradeoff, however, is worth it since the sound is much more even across the audible spectrum.

It's important to note that BMWs require amps with differential balanced speaker inputs, which narrows your available aftermarket choices considerably. Also, an aftermarket amp will increase the static volume of the ASD; choosing a model with gain adjustment for each channel (specifically, the rears) is important to keep it under control if you want to retain ASD.

What many 2Addicts have done is use TechnicPnP's plug-and-play harness to make installation -- and returning to OEM -- much easier. It's not required, but it keeps you from having to splice at least a dozen wires from the OEM harness.
Really appreciate the advice and technical knowledge you're sharing. When I got a quote for a replacement system, the one component that I did not have personal experience with was an Audison bit Ten. Definitely seems like a necessary addition given I was adamant about keeping the stock head unit. I was curious if you have an opinion on it, specifically, or any other comparable processor that you'd recommend.

In another thread, DKM3Power recommended an AudioControl LC2i.

I'd appreciate any feedback that you have on the subject.