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As noted by zenmaster , please refer to this subforum on the 2Addicts forum for detailed information on the HK stereo in 2 Series cars, including the M2.

To repeat:
- The HK system in the M2 is exactly the same as in any 2 Series.
- The HK system in the 2 Series/M2 is NOT a Logic7-based system, which is used in BMWs from the 3 Series upward. It is totally analog.
- The HK system in the 2 Series/M2 was designed to meet a price point that is substantially lower than other BMW models.
- The HK system in the 2 Series/M2 is tuned to maximize the sound of low-bitrate digital music (at the expense of higher bitrates), minimize the system's sonic deficiencies, and mask potential adverse effects of the underpowered amplifier.
- When BMW released the 2 Series in 2014, a class-action complaint was filed against BMW for misrepresenting the 2 Series HK stereo in ordering materials. BMW settled by refunding roughly half the cost of the option to purchasers, but did not reduce the cost of the option or upgrade the system in any way. This is evidence that BMW never planned (or couldn't plan) to improve the HK system in 2 Series cars before at least LCI in 2018, probably because of hardware commitments to HK and other third-party manufacturers.

To that I'll add this: yes, the radio in the 2 Series/M2 is horrible. There are threads on that in the subforum above as well.
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