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Originally Posted by Prodigy. View Post
Thank you for the DIY, great work.
Thanks, it was a good project.

Originally Posted by Prodigy. View Post
So just to clarify, to remove the rear view mirror casing you pry the backing off slightly and pull downwards and it slides off?
Sorry for the confusion. The plastic cover splits into two pieces just like other BMWs. The trick is to use a credit card, start at the bottom, and just pry it open. It doesn't take much force and the card trick avoids breaking clips.

The mirror itself has a slide-on mount. This confused me because the videos of other BMWs I could find all showed press-on/twist-off mounts. Fortunately the guys that tinted my windows had taken the mirror off to do the highbrow so I could see scuff marks on the guides, otherwise I wouldn't have figured out how to remove it on my own.