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Originally Posted by WHL102
Originally Posted by ZIV3R View Post
Usually when a recall is made - there is a compelling reason. I wonder in what way the airbag is defective.

IE: does it not deploy? Is it a intermittent issue where 1 out of 1000 doesn't deploy? Is it a delayed deploy, etc?
Jesus, what rock have you been under! :

I wish I could know what supplier provided the airbag for my '14 320 and if it's just a matter of TIME before any car with a Takata bag using the questionable propellant is recalled!

Noticed a sweeping recall of Mercedes models, but strangely enough the GLK was one of few models NOT recalled... Comforting, somewhat since I DD one.
Why you choose to be rude and not even respond to the question - is beyond me.

I never understood people like you, with a need to belittle others to make themselves feel a certain way.

Since you asked, I've been busy running a tech company and just closed a contract with an estimated contract value of half a billion. That's the rock I've been under.

I prefer to get my news from kind enthusiasts that have shared passions as they relate to my daily drivers - my M3, M5, X5M and 750i.

You, sir, don't seem to be a kind enthusiast. The response I got from true member on this thread was the perfect cliff notes response I was looking for.

Now, please politely piss off.