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Good news everyone, the Dacia Sandero. (Joke from Top gear if anyone watches it).

On a serious note the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be getting a refresh and will be based on a RWD platform (apparently). As Alfa haven't been in the US market for a while, you may not know what one is. Well the Giulietta is a mid sized Italian hatchback, relatively popular in Europe currently on an FWD platform. It's coming to the US (apparently) around 2018, which seems a little co-incidental..

If there are any pre-conceptions around reliability, they have greatly improved over the last decade. Not exactly Lexus level class leaders, but lets face it neither is BMW.

So don't dispair, there are options. For anyone that believes the 3 series is too meaty, there will also be the Giulia starting at around $25,000 in Europe for a base model (apparently).

It also seems a little co-incidental that Alfa have gone RWD just as BMW starts going FWD in some lineups or I could be reading too much into it.