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Originally Posted by FilipMPower View Post
I doubt that Hyundai N will really compete with BMW M, probably it will compete with Honda Type R, Skoda RS and OPC Opel.

And having a rear camera standard is all fine and dandy, but does Hyundai have a system as sophisticated as iDrive? And in the future, carbon fibre in their chassis? Are the engines better than BMWs? BMW R&D doesnt fool around, they invest in the real expensive innovations, and that is a part of the cost difference between BMW and Hyundai.
Originally Posted by hikeskool View Post
Christ, this is embarrassing. I am physically cringing reading many of these replies. No wonder bmw owners have such a bad reputation.

Funny how the BMW community will respond when Hyundai actually puts out a competition car to the M. Wonder how many people know how much Hyundai as a company actually generates. They're the 2nd largest steel processor out of Korea and their motor division is one of the top SUB branches. Bringing on the top of M division was the first move and now it's time for R&D. Money not being an issue to a company like Hyundai shouldn't stay low key for too long.

There's a lot of people swaying away from the 3 series to hop into a Sonata or a Genesis and the 7 series to an Equus. They get more for their money as not everybody is in to performance.

Now that they've taken care of that market, they're targeting the performance side with the EX head of M division.

Don't recommend bashing on the competition because without the competition, you wouldn't be in the car you're in now.
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