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Originally Posted by Sterling Roadster View Post
To me it has got nothing to do with brand loyalty that makes me laugh at this. It's how much of a blatant rip off the idea is. If you're making a capable product than do it on your own. I mean even the colors, and N? what the hell is that?? sure the genysis sedan is impressive for it's price point. But you can't say you're better than German companies and say they're pretentious, and on the other hand copy them to an undeniable degree. Kinda like saying, hey you shouldn't date that guy because he's a douche and then show up the next day with his clothes, haircut and tattoos.
Thing is (sorry if this has been mentioned before), this is EXACTLY what Toyota aimed for when it launched Lexus (and Nissan followed soon after with Infiniti, and to a lesser extent Honda with Acura) -- luxury German manufacturers. Lexus has been on par with them since the LS series blew the automotive world away in the early 1990s. Now, there are snobby Lexus owners aplenty.

So: Don't discount Hyundai, which has revolutionized specific auto market segments a few times, as well as other industries (shipbuilding comes first to mind). There's no reason why it can't do whatever the hell it wants over time, and well. That Veloster variant already makes for a formidable rally car, and the i20 looks like a beast.

(And yes: marque snobbery is for those that tend toward laziness, elitism, and closed-mindedness. IMHO.)
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