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I think this is great news---the more performance options on the market, the better it is for everyone (enthusiasts, that is!). I have no problem with Hyundai as a brand. Although I have an M, my SO has a Hyundai Tucson. We looked at a lot of different vehicles before she went with the Tucson--including a VW Tiguan, Acura RDX, and BMW X3. Those were definitely nice vehicles, but for her, not being into cars, the Hyundai was the perfect option. She doesn't want to deal with cars that need a lot of maintenance or have questionable reliability. She didn't want to deal with $100+ oil changes or tires/brake replacement costs that are not far off the price of a legit beater car. We've owned Tucson going on 5 years and almost 96k miles. It's had 2 unscheduled trips to the dealer, which is still pretty decent, IMO.

Now can hyundai offer something that's engaging to drive? I think so, but they need to be willing to let the engineers do their thing--as well as having the right engineers. Although I think anyone can make a powerful engine these days, there's still a bit of a challenge in the chassis side of things--and Hyundai, especially, has had a difficult time getting chassis tuning just right. Although, I think the Tucson is a great device for transportation, the suspension tuning is WAY too stiff for what it is. It rides like it's trying to be a mini Macan, but the actual handling and steering is not much better than average.

I applaud the company for committing to products with a bit more performance--I like the genesis coupe, but it's now officially old. As is it's prime competitor, the 370z. Hyundai is in a great position to leap ahead of the Z and go its own way.