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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
FWD is the choice due to the progressive development of the market.
Premium Compact Cars are in demand and competition is high. In order to appeal to customers the product must be competitive.
Some of these customers are not enthusiasts. Many would simply chose because of connectivity or style which shows how progressive the world and market has become.

Cars in the compact segment have to be competitive in anyway possible. To achieve space and flexibility requirements demanded by customers then they must be FWD. Sharing with MINI increases the profit margin and is cost effective for further applications across the architecture.

Of course its about profit the company still needs to make money and survive in a highly contested market. And these compact models bring in huge profits Besides the profits must come in to bring a further radical M3 or something else.
sorry but that just sounds like those pre programmed press releases. Show some honesty and say it as it really is. Audi sells more cars without putting half as much dynamic development that bmw. What bmw needed to realize is that the 1er is plain ugly. THAT is why the A3 sells more. make a good design inside out, keep rwd and it will sell. just make it look good