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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
Sells wood floors. This is just one of his toys though (he's got two others), so he's covered from the flash perspective. Here she is, took it a few days ago when we went for a bike ride. It literally has every single option. The stereo is probably the single-most impressive stereo I've ever heard in a vehicle.
That's funny, i'm in the floor covering business as well.

The ATB full size RR is total luxury. Like up with Maybach luxury.... that you can take off road. The Premium Meridian stereo option was over $6k.

They have standard, signature meridian, and premium meridian sound options. I went with the little boy upgrade. Just couldn't justify $6k on a non custom stereo / infotainment system. I've been told it's no joke. I refused to listen to it in one of the demo vehicles because i didn't want to fall in love with an option that i was already decided against.

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