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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
Thank you. I wasn't aware of the .5L naming policy. Way to ruin a perfectly sane naming policy though, I like the old one much better.
I was wrong about about how they're using the number after the B. See below:

Originally Posted by SickFinga View Post
B is just a code for a new generation of engines.

It was M, then N (which actually stands for New Generation) and now it appears to be B.
Numbers that come after the second B show the displacement.

BMW didn't skip anything, they use the same system to show cylinder numbers for over 20 years now

N2# - 4cyl (successor to NA 6cyl)
B3# - 3 cylinder (new)
M4#, N4#, B4# - 4cyl
M5#, S5#, N5#, B5# - 6cyl
M6#, S6#, N6# - 8cyl
M7#, S7#, N7# - 12cyl
S8# - 10cyl
Thanks, very helpful.
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