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My first was a 1973 E-10 2002 model in 1974 (yes; I am an old fart). I have always had at least one around since then and the stable has grown to six. Four Tii's and two that are carburetted; all have sunroofs. They are in various stages and some are modified with E30 updates.

You have to think back in time, if you're old enough to do so; and remember what the American manufacturers were building back in the 70's for small cars...Pinto's, Bobcat's,
Vega's and Monza's. BMW had vehicles that had Mac Pherson suspension front ends, independent rear suspension, disc brakes, overhead cam, mechanical fuel injection, 50-50 weight distribution with a front engine and even a turbo model in Europe, they were 20 years ahead in engineering at the time, and this created the foundation for their vehicles.

Every auto manufacturer used BMW as a benchmark to create their copy...but there is only one "feel" of a BMW that nobody can duplicate, and for those of you that drive them...I don't have to explain this. My daily is a E-90 330XI-great in winter or cornering on dry pavement as well.