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Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
Apart from the budget(In my country an M2 is from 80k and a Cayman S from 90k to start with so that shouldn't be the biggest problem) , the M2 is 0.6s faster than a 981 Cayman S @ Hockenheim Short, and because of FR layout and more torque it can and will be more fun for many(like me), but I get what you're saying. I also think an M2 is 100 times more eyecandy than any Cayman except for GT4, sorry....

I can't wait to drive an M2, because I'll be evaluating it against the Cayman S. My experience has been that while the baby Porsches aren't the fastest cars around a course, their handling is incredible. The other thing about Porsches is that they stand up to track abuse incredibly well. I know a few of the SoFL guys with McLarens and Ferraris, and they all end up buying a 911 or Cayman for track duty because they're so much cheaper to run. Fewer breakages and lower maintenance costs.

That's where I'm hoping the M2 can slot in. It's quite a bit less expensive than the Cayman S, and (historically) BMW's tend to do pretty well at maintenance costs and low failure rate under track duty, provided you do the prep work. For the price difference between an M2 and a new Cayman S, you could do an entire brake upgrade, heh. The big question in my mind is cooling and turbocharger durability.
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