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Yes, it has been documented that BMW performance pads (available at the time) are used in all of the Nurburgring/Hockenheim/Instrumented testing by SportAuto. It is apples-to-apples, though improvements in brake compounds can occur over the years, but think anything from mid 2000s on is pretty comparable.

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M performance pads.

For a car that goes to journalists and is flogged for hours on end, they are somewhat needed. Stock pads would be toast in no time and they would be swapping pads every few hours. Besides, no one in their right mind takes any M car (other than one with ceramics) to the track on street pads. They are street pads for a reason.

It doesn't invalidate anything IMO as it is simply a few hundred dollars for a BMW M performance item... no different than opting for ceramic brakes on an M3/4. If you took the M2 out on street pads for a 15 minute lapping session, the street pads would be fine but they cannot withstand hours of track abuse... no street pad can on any car. It doesn't change the capability of the brakes but simply the heat resistance of the pad.

Bet you EVERY 'Ring time is with some sort of track brake pad if for no other reason than safety of the driver to avoid a very dangerous potential scenario.