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the 2% BMW Canada discount is above the negotiated discount so if you negotiate 5%, and add the 2% you're at 7%. You could negotiate for 6% and end up with 8%.

When I was looking last year, the autoshow credit didn't apply to M models.
Hold on, are you negotiating 5-7% off the MSRP in this case or your monthly payment?

Also does this include the random dealer fees? What do you do about those?
MSRP, always.

All dealer fees can be removed except for freight, pdi and mandatory taxes in your province.

The freight varies by province so check what's shown on the "Build your car" tool on to get a reasonable sense of what the dealer should charge.

If it's last year's model that's been sitting on the lot, you can be very aggressive. I would start at 9-10% off.
I've seen new 19s as low as 70k+gst (listed) but unfortunately these can't be leased.

still looking for a m2c lease takeover on the west coast if anyone has a 6speed they are trying to unload.