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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Leg day this morning. Low-Bar squats, Hack-Squats, and Sissy-Squats. Then did some abductor and adductor work...followed by calves.

Overall a pretty good workout. I'm in my week of active no crazy weights. I walked out feeling pretty good instead of the usual being hit by a bus feeling!
Big fan of sissy-squats. I'll usually superset with squats or a similar movement, get a mean pump!

I had legs yesterday. Tweaked my back slightly, just was really tight all yesterday and a slight bit of tightness today. Should be back to normal tomorrow.

Today was back and triceps. Probably my favorite day, although my core was all contorted from tweaking my back yesterday haha. Whenever it happens my upper abdominal bulges out, while my lower abdominal compresses inward. Such an awkward feeling.