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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
I don't think there is a steady march to the left in western democraties.
Maybe in the US (or NA) there is, but you have a 2 party democraty (more or less at least, in practice there's always 1 party at power in a certain segment, never a coalition) but in the rest of the western world its quite the opposite..
By far in most western democraties the government always is made up of a coalition of different parties. And especially on the centrum right side there has been a big divide up and birth of new right winged parties in virtually every country. I'm talking about the timespan of about the last 2 decades.
Right winged politics in western democraties have never been this strong and spread out (so lots to choose from) as today.
In the 60's-90's that was a complete different story. Of course there was firm militairy cooperation with the US because of the red curtain but inland politics was much more left focussed back then as it is now in the majority of western democraties.
I guess we disagree, in Canada the liberal party was always considered middle of the spectrum, the NDP were left and the conservatives were on the right. The NDP is full socialist now, the liberal are leaning into socialist territory and the conservatives are centre left. The push is constantly for more social programs, more "free stuff" such as education, pharmacare etc. We see the same in the US, Bernie pushes for free everything, capitalism is bad according to many on the left. JFK the great democrat would be considered a republican now based on his policies. The same can be said for what's happening in Europe, anything right leaning is called extreme or worse, when really it's about less government and fiscal conservatism. As taxes continue to rise that money goes to support social programs and service debt that has been accumulated to fund those problems.

Taxes have steadily gone up over the decades.