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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
So it has nothing to do with socialism. I don't know if its a postmodern argument (that depends on what values you hold true) but it is a post or non-conservative argument (as in theological-conservative)
And you take the assumption that there are only 2 genders at birth (or better said: 2 sexes). This is not true.
About 1 in 1000 has either a viable genetic disorder (like XXY aka Klinefelter) or a hormonal disorder that has an intersex result.

Where I come from we already learn this in highschool at biology (even when I was there back in the 80's) so the general view here is maybe not so conservative as in other countries.

Forcing such people into a cis gender legal construction against their will is imho cruel. A lot of these people wrestle with the fact that they sometimes can't even place themselves, so my view is let them be whatever they want to be. Thats none of anyone else's business if you ask me.
So your using a rare mutation which is generally debilitating to justify people who are health males and females pretending to be the opposite sex and mutating there bodies and also having unfair competitive advantage in sports events. Got it.

(Furthermore no one ever talks about the end result of the poster child of fluid gender and how the guy killed himself in the end)

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