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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
And you take the assumption that there are only 2 genders at birth (or better said: 2 sexes). This is not true.
About 1 in 1000 has either a viable genetic disorder (like XXY) or a hormonal disorder that has an intersex result.
Accidental anomalous mutations which can't (or don't) replicate themselves, thus persisting in the genetic code, don't constitute new forms of a species.

There are babies born every day with some number of fingers other than 10, but when you ask anyone - a Physiology PhD or a toddler - how many fingers a human has, they answer "10" without any hesitation or qualification. Because having 10 fingers is an essential trait of a human (actually, an ape). Not 12 fingers, nor 7 fingers, nor an unknowable or arbitrary number of fingers. Exactly 10. And so it goes for sex. A human has a sex, and it's either male or female. The biological evidence is unambiguous and abundant.
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