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I did the fullscreen + carplay upgrade with Kubax86. It went really smooth as he did the remote coding for the upgrade on my NBTEvo J. Upgrade was to P.

My car does not have the Wifi Antenna in it so the Carplay connection is not strong. I was warned that it may not work very well before going ahead. Unfortunately being in Canada, Amazon does not sell the aftermarket Wifi Antenna. So I ordered one from my BMW dealer. They said that there were none of them in Canada and had to order it from Germany.

If I am patient I can hold the phone close to the head unit and it will pick up the CarPlay. Once it has the connection I can put the phone in the cupholders and it stays connected. I am looking forward to getting the Wifi antenna as it will be great when it connects properly. Overall very happy with the upgrade and the price was right. It's great that we have an option to upgrade this as BMW told me that there was simply no way to add Carplay to my car. Thanks Kubax86