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Originally Posted by MR. View Post
Please make a comparison video between with and without ASD. That would be greatly appreciated.

Another point is the question if you really need this option. What if we just code it out or pull the grey ASD plug from the HK amplifier? Either option is a lot cheaper than paying for this cable and it does the same thing.

From what I understand, it is possible to code it out, but as the ASD is still plugged in, it introduces a high pitched white noise into the cabin that many people hear and find annoying.

Unplugging ASD from the HK amp will cause you to lose the entire sound system, as there is no separate amp.

I think this is the exact same behaviour for M235, since ASD and the sound system are identical to the M2. I don't have the links to those posts handy, but I'm sure someone will chime in with them.

EDIT - found the thread I referenced before:

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