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Active Sound Design (ASD) topics

I just used the TechnicPNP harness to bypass active sound design (ASD) in my M2. Install went exactly as described in the thread.

The difference is remarkable. I wish I had been more scientific and taken before and after SPL measurements; I think it's gotta be 6 dB at 70 MPH.

For those of you concerned about the cabin noise or irritated by the artificial sound you should do this mod. This is the absolute best modification I've made to a car ever. Thank you Technic !

This car sounds great and the ASD detracts from that. Of course there's more noticeable road noise with the ASD bypassed, but that's obviously a separate matter. I suspect BMW cranked up the ASD to cover for the missing sound deadening. But the effect is overwhelming IMHO and I'm absolutely glad it's gone!