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This... my i3 lease is basically free .....
So you're saying that the money you save on fuel (free electricity) offsets your lease payment, your insurance coverage, and whatever maintenance costs for your i3? Somehow I find that very hard to believe. Getting a second car to save money never really works. You can't save more money in fuel than than you spend for everything else. It's just not possible.
I average roughly $238 a month in fuel on the M2 as a daily. My i3 lease is 202 a month plus 50 a month in insurance. The $14 or so dollars could be depreciation saved which is probably more. Not to mention the EV rebate of $1500 for just leasing the car.

I never have charged the car at home and only filled up the range extended (2.2 gallons) 4 times. The math works out really well. Living in an area when the M2 is off the road for 3-4 months the math works extremely well in the winter. Of course with both cars on the road it hurts the other way a little.