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Maybe consider a 230 manual if youíre concerned about fuel economy? Reviews say it feels lighter and more nimble than a 235/240. 0-60 in about 5.0 seconds isnít bad and the economy should be great.

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I know, I've driven nothing but manuals my entire life except for a 1 year window when I regrettably got rid of my S2000 for an 08 328xi and hated every minute of it. I've always preferred manuals but after test driving an S3 and RS3, the automatics these days are more like automatic manuals. For me, it will also help with fuel economy.

With my usage of the car, I do not go to the track or do any mountain driving. I drive back and forth to work and drive spiritedly when the opportunity presents itself. Figured with the DCT, I can enjoy my coffee in the morning and enjoy my time in traffic a bit more. In my BRZ its a bit of a struggle dealing with NJ roads and a manual, while trying not to spill my coffee in the morning. I'm not 100% sold on the DCT yet, but I am 45% considering it. Once I do a test drive that will be the true answer.