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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
Yes, they are notorious for drinking oil and having other oil related issues. A simple Google search will pull up tons of threads about it.

If you are limiting your car buying based off of lap times done by a professional driver on a track that 99% of the human population will never visit, then I feel bad for you. I can't say I've ever heard anyone ever comparing lap times after a nice drive through some twisties, or a cruise with some buddies, or at Cars and Coffee. The only people that I have ever heard actually spew garbage from the spec sheets are 10 year olds on video games.

I didn't buy the M2C because of the lap times, nor did I throw it out because of the exhaust sound (looking directly at you). It made me feel a certain type of way that the other cars I drove didn't. I couldn't care less if it was ahead/behind a GT350 by 20 seconds or 40 seconds or 60 seconds, lap times don't matter to me, and they shouldn't matter to most buyers either. But here we are...
Cool. Glad you're happy. I dream of more. I dream of better. More power. Better sound. Better lap times. Some of us still have dreams.

Originally Posted by TheRealOrosie View Post
LMAO. You act like the spun crank hub with the S55 is as likely as burning oil in a GT350.

Super weak argument, and the rest is moot, unless you are out for your personal best track times on the ring.
Yes, rare failure mode on the S55, though enough have surfaces even on this forum. Hence the smiley, half joking.

And yes, I am one of those people chasing lap times. I want to go faster every year as I visit same tracks every year. And when I upgrade cars it's to aid in this mission. Maybe I'm heading down a dedicated track car rabbit hole? For now there are still faster dual purpose cars out there, so maybe not... who knows.

As for Voodoos eating oil, the simple fix to that is taking it to a track and letting it get up to temp and letting it stay in the high RPM band (for the most part). My Coyote ate a quart in the first 3000 miles. Than I took it to track day and revved the shit out of it for 7 30 min sessions. Redline every shift, then let off in the braking zone and give it a few seconds off throttle before hitting the brakes. It didn't eat a single drop after. Sold it at 38k miles and another 14 track days with no oil consumed. THIS is how I plan on breaking in my next Voodoo. If that works, sweet. If not I feed it oil. If the motor brakes Ford is paying for a new one. So can't hurt.

Voodoos need even more heat to seat the rings, and most owners baby them. How many of those cars do you think see over 6000rpm? This is why they have issues with eating oil. Though to be fair the hand building process doesn't help either.
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