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Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
Does the Voodoo eat oil? Sure! But a few quarts of oil are still cheaper than a spun crank hub

And you're right. You wouldn't be caught it a Mustang. But a Mustang will catch you in the M2C. Just look at the 'Ring lap times above.
Yes, they are notorious for drinking oil and having other oil related issues. A simple Google search will pull up tons of threads about it.

If you are limiting your car buying based off of lap times done by a professional driver on a track that 99% of the human population will never visit, then I feel bad for you. I can't say I've ever heard anyone ever comparing lap times after a nice drive through some twisties, or a cruise with some buddies, or at Cars and Coffee. The only people that I have ever heard actually spew garbage from the spec sheets are 10 year olds on video games.

I didn't buy the M2C because of the lap times, nor did I throw it out because of the exhaust sound (looking directly at you). It made me feel a certain type of way that the other cars I drove didn't. I couldn't care less if it was ahead/behind a GT350 by 20 seconds or 40 seconds or 60 seconds, lap times don't matter to me, and they shouldn't matter to most buyers either. But here we are...