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Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
I plan to sell my M2 before I come back to the States, and GT350 is top of my list for next car. I came from a V8 and the turbo 6 experience showed me how much I need a V8 in my life. For acoustic experience and high end pull.

With some suspension mods, available drop in carbon ceramic rotors (which work with stock calipers) and tons of aftermarket support GT350s are easy to improve in the handling dept for a lower-than-BMW price.

The engine is a gem and I hope in 2 years a lot of the quirks are resolved with the introduction of the Terminator motor in the GT500.

M2 is nice but itís missing that thrill. GT350 is not so much like riding a horse. Itís like breaking one.
I think both would be nice to have to cover the FR spectrum. Manual NA and DCT Turbo. The issue with the GT350 (and all muscle cars) and to a lesser extent the M2C (and all M cars) is that the older ones plumet in value when the newest and greatest comes out.

I want a GT350 badly but I know that if I wait I can import a lightly used one for less than half of the MSRP. But by then the new GT350 will be the shit and the old one will look and drive like crap haha.
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