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My good friend has more vehicles than garage space, and I happen to have an extra garage stall. Thus, I have had he pleasure of keeping my friend’s new Shelby GT350 parked in my garage over the past 2-3 months.

(1) drives me insane that someone purchases a new vehicle and has literally not driven the vehicle since taking ownership . . . my friend is not necessarily ‘storing’ his Shelby, so much as he has too many other vehicles that he apparently prefers to drive at this time. Nice problem to have, I suppose, but not one for which I am familiar.

(2) I want to emphasize something that truly cannot be overstated about the Shelby. This is the single greatest sounding stock vehicle I have ever heard. The engine/exhaust acoustics are absolutely exhilarating. I have the keys to my friends Shelby and once or twice a week I will simply turn the vehicle on and give a few spirited revs. Never gets old.

I am one of those individuals that feels acoustics are an immensely important part of the sport car driving experience. Of course, the line is ‘out the door’ with enthusiasts like me craving something that sounds even remotely like the NA engine in our turbo-laden German models.

I have nothing against the Shelby in terms of aesthetics or overall performance, but . . . I dare say if the Shelby did not come with arguably the best acoustics of any stock sport car in the world, then I doubt anyone on this, or related forums would give the Shelby too much attention. My statement reflects just how amazing the Shelby sounds, and in a time when sport car enthusiasts just cannot let go of the glory days of NA engines in our German sport cars.