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Originally Posted by AlpsRider View Post
Thank you! I am debating whether to go up to 255/275 35 MPS 4S. I just don't want to loose the playfulness that my car now has. Do you feel there is much difference in grip feeling between stock size and 255/275?
As you may expect, it's very subtle. But please note that I'm not into drifts and burnouts - that ain't my kinda thing. I prefer to zip through the corners fast but safe, without slip and with all nannies active (Sport Mode). Maximum grip. Got that approach from driving karts many moons ago.

Going up and down Stelvio pass in Italy earlier this year (763M + PS4S). Pre-breakfast stint Bormio-Stelvio-Bormio (including an emergency maneuver to avoid a marmot crossing the road on a fast stretch of the pass...):
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