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I have to say, I'm 49 and have had mostly RWD manual trans cars all my life. RX-7, MR-2, Starion ESiR, Miata, S2000, Impreza STi, Exige, etc. And ALL of them would smoothly let go (even the AWD STi), especially in the rain. The Starion would get a little wheel hop here and there, but nothing major.
And this M2, I mean, it's terrible, no? I mean, it's not even fun. You're either at 10/10th's (which I'll never be) or you're hopping. Why has BMW not fixed this issue?? I mean, I can't even have a LITTLE fun in the rain.
What am I Missing?
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I've never dumped the clutch in this car, and never will. The hop happens for me when I'm leaving the car wash, or when it's wet outside. I turn all the nannies off expecting to get some nice low-speed sideways action and I get hopping instead.
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I need an oil change at the end of the month, I'll have it checked then. I bought the car with 9,400 miles on it and it just had new tires and an alignment, but checking it can't hurt.
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Well, congratulations on being the first to post about it with the M2.
OP, was your car involved in an accident before you bought it ?
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