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Originally Posted by Megator View Post
The 2NH disk is 400x36 and the RB is 380x36, the RB disc is smaller and therefore should naturally be lighter. This is the only point I made. I never commented on the issues you raise.

From the RB website it was not clear that new brackets were supplied but it makes sense.

The 2NH and STD calipers suffer from the same problem, they have dust boots that will perish if you really push the car hard. Also how do you ascertain that the 2NH caliper is better than the standard caliper?

I had ME20s on my RS and have a set for the M2C, will see how they do. I want the Essex AP kit for my car so the std brakes only need to last 2 years

I know the M2C has brake cooling ducts, the Q is how effective they are (and this is a forum for M2s as well). I still have not received my M2C so have had no chance to look. I will do ducting to the brakes ASAP.
As almost every stock brake calipers, there are those on edge outside dusters (not sure how it's called in english), you have to change them if you track your car, most of aftermarket calipers have inner dusters (o-rings?), which are more far from the heat from brake pad, but you have to re-seal them also (done that once on my E46 BBK) just not that often.

2NH caliper is definitely better, because it can fit 36 mm thickness of rotors with cca 18mm pads, STD calipers can fit 30 mm rotors plus 18 mm pads... if you don't see why it's better

I already done 2 sets of ME20s on my M2comp and a standart set which was supllied with car. ME20s are not bad, but I want more, I was driving many years on RayBestos pads, which were just awesome

AP or other BBK is always the best way (not sure if I can call it BBK, here it should be SBK = smaller brake kit), but it's about money... you pay 4 times more for AP kit than I pay for this rotors... it was easiest way for me, will se how it will work, might end up with some BBK too.

Ducting for brakes straight to the center of rotors is great for strict track car (have it on my E46), but I use M2comp all the year on all the surfaces and in all weather and you don't want to have rock debris in the center of your rotors... When I will feel that it's overheating, than I will try to fit it somehow, but the main track I'm visiting is Nordschleife and it's not very hard for brakes there
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