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Originally Posted by Twinsturbo View Post
The price for front and rear are over 14% of what i paid for my m2c with 2NH...
Exchange rates, duties, and shipping all stink! When considering the price, please keep in mind that our brake kits don't plummet in value like OEM brakes. Our kits typically trade hands on the used market for 60-70% of their new MSRP. That means if you spend $5k on a front kit, you're going to get at minimum $3,000 back when you sell it (typically more). You then take the remaining $2k you have invested and spread it across your total time of ownership. When you factor in the lower consumable rates (pads, discs, and fluid bleeds), our customers typically find that our kits par for themselves over the course of 2-3 years. The more you track your car and are burning things up, the faster our kit pays for itself. We had one BRZ customer run an analysis of that sort, and he found that his cost per track mile was less than a third of what his OEM brake equipment was costing him:

That also doesn't factor in all the time one spends jacking up the car, missed track sessions, swapping pads and discs, bleeding brakes, etc.

Most people also don't factor in that they'll probably have to spend some money on their brakes when they go to sell their car on the used market. Most buyers of this type of car are looking closely at the brakes because the OEM bits can be pricey. If you have your OEM stuff new on the shelf to drop on the car, you put those back on, sell our kit for a few thousands of dollars when you sell the car. If your OEM stuff is trashed from track duty, not only is the car not going to present well, you may need to drop a big chunk on new pads, discs, fluid, etc. to prep the car for sale. That's the difference between a substantial cash outlay when you sell your car vs. a significant cash collection. Nobody likes to dump a bunch of money into something that they're about to sign over to someone else!

Finally, most of our customers find that our setup provides lower lap times, more consistency, and far more confidence behind the wheel. It's tough to assign a value on confidence, but it's always one of the first things our customers mention when we talk to them at the track.

When you look at the big picture numbers, the equity in the parts, and what you're getting in return, top-shelf brake kits start to make a whole lot more sense. It's easy for us to see these things because we have customers who have been with us for years telling us every day. It's certainly far more difficult to understand for people who don't know us or what we do. We believe our system truly is an investment. Hopefully that makes sense.

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