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As with pretty much all aftermarket brake kits, our systems are designed for off-road-use only. The primary problem with any brake kit that has a separate aluminum hat (including OEM setups like you see on some Corvettes, etc.) is that road salt gets wedged between the aluminum disc hat and the iron ring, and corrodes the hat. That's why the OEM unit is a dual-cast. OEM calipers have dust boots, which are designed to keep grit and grime off the sides of the pistons as you wear your pads and they extend out from the caliper. Once they are taken on track and burnt or compromised however, they are useless. If you wipe the sides of the pistons off during a pad change, before pushing them back into the caliper body, you achieve the exact same thing as a dust boot. In our opinion, dust boots are useless if you are ever getting your brakes hot enough to destroy them. They just make a tattered mass hanging from the pistons. The other issue is salt and the caliper body itself. Paint and powder coat hold up better than other coatings if the calipers regularly come into contact with road salt. Water, dirt, etc. have roughly the same on all finishes. Anodizing holds up much better to track abuse and brake fluid than paint or powder coat does.

We have people driving our kits in all sorts of environments including dirt, gravel, snow, ice, name it (AP Racing is a huge name in rally racing). You can see lots of feedback about how our actual customers are using our kits on our blog:

We have some lengthy threads about our kits elsewhere here on Bimmerpost as well. We've been sponsors here for five years: