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Final Race of the Season - A Wet and Dreary Day

Final Race of the Season - A Wet and Dreary Day

I was invited to attend the final race of the CJ Super Race season, held at AMG's only course in Yongin (right next to Everland) and I was questioning my attendance while I was driving there because it started raining.... hard.

The track is privately owned now, by AMG, although they only signed I think a 2 or 5 year lease so we'll see if they keep it or not. It's also apparently the only AMG branded track in the world. Anyway, it's also adjacent to a sizeable theme park so I'm sure they love the noise associated with the track

Upon arrival the weather had turned to a drizzle so I had some hopes that the rain would hold off.

This track was set up knowing more people come since it's closer to Seoul than Inje (the previous track) so they had a ton of booths for people to peruse through, go carts for kids, car displays, etc. They had a BMW M setup where if you're a BMW driver you can get free coffee/drinks and watch the race from the balcony - although it's probably more enjoyable in the dry. Would have taken more pictures of the whole setup but

Not long after arrival the team staged the cars to go out to the start line for the photos and all that jazz. It started sprinkling so it was a bit concerning.

Last minute prep included ceramic coating the windshield...

As we got out on the track it really started to rain. My main job was to hold the umbrella for the photographer, super important I know... Soon I'll start getting sponsorships right???

I thought they'd hold off on the race if the weather got bad but I was wrong, they decided to start anyway. The rain was so bad I wasn't about to be outside, so I went back to our tent and we watched live on Naver...

Here's a video of the entire race, the race starts at 13 minutes in.

It was obvious who had the skill driving in the rain and who didn't. Our team leader again went from the back of the pack and finished 2nd, while a guy on the other team ended up gaining a major lead and finished the race 54 or so seconds ahead of everyone else.

Unfortunately... Not everything went smoothly. During qualifying the day before one of our team members lightly brushed the wall, bad enough that he had to enter the car through the passenger side in order to get in. Well he ended up crashing really, really hard into the barrier and totaled his car. Remember, there is no track insurance and everyone is racing their personal car... Someone from the other team also spun and bounced off the wall but his car is at least fixable.

Most importantly, while the car is totaled the driver is safe and fine - testament of modern safety - he was taken to the ER as a precaution but he got out of the car on his own and was released same day with just some bruises.

After the race and seeing the podium I had to go home, it was so cold/wet and my feet were wet that I couldn't stick around lol. Last race we had an inside space but this time it was a tent, so next time I'll just bring warmer socks haha

This is a random side note, but I was expecting to at least get a track day in before the end of the season but alas it wasn't in the cards. I was going to join during a McLaren day at Inje but the weather turned and I didn't go. Hopefully I can get out in March and go around the track and try the car out. At this point it barely gets above freezing during the day, so even driving to work on my PSS's is a handful - I plan to take the bus on snow days.