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Originally Posted by Nezil View Post
You're always going to be limited by something... Octane, Fuel Volume, IATs, Turbo, Flow restrictions etc... At least octane is fairly easy to solve.

I think the N55 is limited first by octane, then by turbo, then by fueling. If you fix the turbo and / or fueling you can shift the octane restriction up a little, but not by much. The good news is that we now have somewhat affordable HPFP, Turbo, and Meth injection setups... Big power is possible but it does seem to require all three, especially in the US.
He offered to make a second tune for fuel with octane boost that I could toggle in the vehicle but I opted not to. I could have and toggle between four different maps but I just wanted one that was safe for the fuel I'd be running on a daily basis.