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To be fair it might not be. Both my Sapphire OG M2 & M2C for perfect straight from the factory. I was pleasantly surprised. Both had full PPF and I will be doing the same to my M2CS.

I think Im going white with Ceramics and gold wheels but with a twist.........Im going to have the gold calipers done red (or buy a red set) and have the wheels done white gold. GT3RS style basically.
Good call. I really like the red calipers with gold wheels. The yellow on gold didn't pop as much. Really like that gold, red, white combo.

Edit: perfect from factory would be nice. Less money on paint correction. I'm just doing a ceramic coating. Maybe some ppf on the front splitter, air intakes, etc. I left the ppf on the jag in those areas and has been great for bug removal. Very few stone dings, and nothing severe. The windshield is a different story. Big stone chips, little stone chips, it's crazy. Going with Cquartz some that is what detailer has been using for a long time and still maintains education on products. Plus I'm confident in his work. Current car was paint correct only. No ceramic or ppf and depth is fantastic.
Good point well reminded! The windscreens are rubbish for chips. Here in the UK you can get a PPF for screens, which I think I will get too. Sure it is available over in the US too.