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Originally Posted by RocketTR View Post
Most people just don't look at the big picture and when they finally do, they realize that they probably aren't saving money with an electric car. Yes, the fuel cost is cheaper, usually by 1/2 to 1/3 for electricity vs gasoline, but fuel is just one consideration.
Well, not just fuel but no oil changes, transmission service, brake pads may last longer because of regenerative braking, and of course, what price can you put on being an arrogant tree hugger? I jest, because I love tree huggers, and I have been known to once or twice consider the environment.

I gave long hard thought to the Model S (it does drive nicely and the torque is just fabulous) but in the end, I couldn't make it work. Range anxiety, out of pocket cost, quality issues with Tesla, value for money, etc.

Originally Posted by BigKutta View Post
... the tank is small so filling up every 200 miles is not fun. I do long trips once in a while and will need to make more fuel stops along the way.
Yeah, wait 'til you're my age, and you'll need those extra fuel stops for pee breaks.
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