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My current true Grand touring experience is the ftype svr. 2017. Car is really great. Super comfortable in normal mode, teeth jarring in dynamic. It sounds amazing. I've put 17k bullet proof miles on it. It's unbelievably stable at high speed even with the top down. You can now pick them up with low mileage in the upper $70k. I think the 991.1 and 991.2 are always good options. I think the AMG GT cars are starting to get close to 100k in low mileage used form.

Don't overlook the Lexus LC500. That car looks dynamite. Where as the 991 is less GT, the LC500 is way more touring.
I saw the AMG GT and it looks nice but is a bigger car and won't be as nimble or tossable as a M2 CS. Car and Driver did a comparison of the AMG GT and 911 S and preferred the 911.